HTTP Proxy Authentication: NTLM

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Subject: HTTP Proxy Authentication: NTLM
Posted by:  Jason Smith (jas…
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009

Hi guys,

I have problems with Indy NTLM Authentication.

I always have problem with IdAuthenticationNTLM, doesn't matter which
version: Indy 9, 10, Delphi 7, 2009.

I was told The IdAuthenticationSSPI  would work. I downloaded Indy 9
development snapshot. Installed it on D7. The IdAuthenticationSSPI indeed

Now I wanted to migrate my Indy from 9 to 10.

I had a look on D2009. The Indy version there didn't include

I downloaded Indy10 snapshot. The was IdAuthenticationSSPI included but
failed to compile.

Can anyone (or Remy) confirm to me about the development status of Indy NTLM
Proxy Authentication?