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Subject: Authorisation
Posted by:  Mark Williams (mark@{removethis}
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009

I am trying to offer an smtp email solution (client side) in one of my apps.

I am not entirely sure how I deal with different servers different
authorisation processes.

I have read the help manual but found myself going round in circles.

Is there a demo project for how to handle this that I can download or any
specific articles on the subject.

If not, these are the issues I am struggling with and a steer would be much
appreciated. As always I suspect I am demonstrating a phenomonal level of
ignorance on the subject and apologise in advance!

I am not sure what components I need to use and what info I need.

At the moment I am only asking for the host name and assuming a port of 25.
Is it safe to assume the port is 25.

How do I work out what authentication method is being used by the host?

If it require log in then I presumably need to get my users to enter the
username and password and to store this if they don't want to enter it each

If the authentication method is other than login is there someway I can
generally handle this within my app and what sort of additional info would
my app need to request and store?

Many thanks for any help.