Re: restart a stream download with TidHttp???

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Subject: Re: restart a stream download with TidHttp???
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\) (
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009

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> I´m using delphi 7 with indy 9...
> how can I restart my download when my conection falls out?

HTTP downloads can only be resumed if the server supports the "Range"
request header, and better if it supports the "ETag" header as well.
TIdHTTP in Indy 9 supports the "Range" header via its
Request.ContentRangeStart and Request.ContentRangeEnd properties.  However,
TIdHTTP in Indy 9 does not support the "ETag" header natively.  You would
have to use the Request.CustomHeaders and Response.RawHeaders properties to
process it.  In Indy 10, TIdHTTP has new Request.ETag and Response.ETag
properties.  The "ETag" header is important for the resuming process, as it
ensures that you are downloading the same data that you were previously
downloading.  If the data changes between downloads, the ETag value would
change, indicating that you would need to discard your previous data and
download the new data from the beginning.

Remy Lebeau (TeamB)


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