Problem with cookie based sessions

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Subject: Problem with cookie based sessions
Posted by:  Christian Kaufmann (christian.kaufma…
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009


I use a Delphi HTTP server, which builds html content not called by
webbrowsers directly but by a PHP script.

I found I way to send a cookie from my PHP script to my Delphi HTTP
server app. But I cannot read the cookies in PHP and in addition at
that time, part of the page is already sent and I cannot set a cookie
in PHP anymore.

So I'm looking for another way. One idea is, that I send the PHP
session id as get variable (or cookie) to my delphi application.

But how can I configure my TIdHttpServer component to use that cookie
/ get var as session identifier and not create a new (own) one?

cu Christian