where to submit fixes?

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Subject: where to submit fixes?
Posted by:  jvlad (dm…@yandex.ru)
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011


Sorry if the info is available somewhere on the web site, but I didn't find
I have fixed some issues with indy10 and would like to submit patches.
Just to make it a bit clearer what fixes I'm about - you may want to try
download a 4GB file using HTTP component with compression turned on. Under a
32bit OS it won't go due to a deficiency in compressor's implementation. It
will try to allocate whole the file in memory then uncompress it. I
implemented a simple class which can do this on the fly. Also it checks
consistency of the downloaded and uncompressed stream with CRC32 according
to gzip format.

Please let me know where to find instructions on how to submit patches.