HTTP connexion very slow

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Subject: HTTP connexion very slow
Posted by:  Gwen (gwenael.mance…
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011

I work with Indy 10.5.7 and Delphi XE
I'm sending a connection request to an HTTP server (on localhost). I use the POST method TIdHTTP -> TIdCustomHTTP -> Post ().
When reading the response, the function TIdSocketHandle.Readable runs for 15 seconds on these lines:

    Result := CheckIsReadable(GAntiFreeze.IdleTimeOut);
  until Result;

I debug into CheckIsReadable until TIdSocketListWindows.SelectRead. But I don't understand what is doing in this code.
Does the code read the response in the buffer ?
Do you have an idea why ??the reading is so slow?



ps: The connection was fine with D7 and Indy 10.1.5.