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Subject: Re: Strange Characters in http request
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\) (re…
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011

"Gwen" <gwenael.mance…> wrote in message

> 1- After a character '=' there is always a '3D' which is added.
> 2- All 70 characters a '=\r
' is inserted.

The data is being encoded using the "quoted-printable" encoding scheme.
TIdHTTP itself does not use quoted-printable directly, so that means you
have to be using a TIdMultipartFormDataStream to post the data.  The
TIdFormDataField.ContentTransfer property is set to "quoted-printable" by
default if you use the String version of the
TIdMultipartFormDataStream.AddFormField() method instead of the TStream
version.  If you want to send a String with a different encoding, then you
can set the TIdFormDataField.ContentTransfer property after calling
AddFormField().  The supported values are "7bit", "8bit", "binary",
"quoted-printable", and "base64".

Remy Lebeau (TeamB)


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