EIdReadTimeout in TIdHTTP

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Subject: EIdReadTimeout in TIdHTTP
Posted by:  Fredrik Sandedal (fredrik.sanded…@enera.se)
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012


We have a strange issue with read timeouts.

We use a TROIndyHTTPChannel and sets the following timeout properties.
FRemObjectsTransportChannel.IndyClient.ConnectTimeout := 5000;
FRemObjectsTransportChannel.IndyClient.ReadTimeout := 60000;

The IndyClient in TROIndyHTTPChannel is a TIdHTTP object.

When we then call a function in the interface we can get a
EIdReadTimeout after 5-7s.

On the server side we can see that it is actually connected within 5s
and is processing the function call.
The process can take more than 5 seconds but since the read timeout is
set to 60s it should not be a problem.

Is there any other way to control connect/read timeout or do I just
misunderstand how it is supposed to work.

Kind regards,