Question about application speed.

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Subject: Question about application speed.
Posted by:  bluewolf (bluewo…
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003

This isn't a question about the nntp protocal.  Sorry, I know this don't
belong in this news group, but I have tried a google and I didn't get much
on this.

My program does a for then loop and while in that loop it goes so fast it
doesn't update the screen with the status of scanning.  I was wondering if
there is something I could do to slow down the processing so the screen can
be updatted.

I am a native pascal programmer and don't have much experiance in delphi, I
have just began to work with it and have bought a couple of self help books
on delphi.  Mostly I just program for my personal wants and needs.

Anyhow, in pascal you can do a Delay(??);, which was the cause of the
runtime 200 issue.. and in Visual Pascal you can do Sleep(??);.  I have
typed in Sleep in the IDE of delphi and pressed Ctrl-F1 to see if it would
pop anything for it, but it didn't.

Also, any good examples of using TListView as a vsReport.. How to add data
to the different field and sub fields.  I am a quick study, but something
simple would be nice.

I am sorry to be to pushy..


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