Problem with GetBody()

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Subject: Problem with GetBody()
Posted by:  Peter Neumann (slang…
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003

in my newsreader program, i've got a problem with the
idnntp.GetBody function. (indy 9.0.14)

1. i retrieve the newsgroups from server with the GetNewsGroupList
function, parse it in a StringList and show it in a ListViev.
2. i select a newsgroup, parse the articles and show
them in another ListView.
3. then, i select an article i want to read, but there's the problem:

First, i select the article string from the TListviev, wehere all
articles of the group are listed an put it in an idmessage :


Next, i want to retrieve the Body of the selected message and show it
in a TMemo :


But the function doesn't work, the body will not retrieve,
the idmessage is empty and i can't read the message.

What can i do ?

(sorry, for my bad english)