Using TidNNTPThread.DATA

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Subject: Using TidNNTPThread.DATA
Posted by:  ClĂ©ment Doss (
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004


I am build an NNTP server using indy 9.00.14.
There are some AV raised, and I think I am doing something _very_ wrong.

When the SelectGroup fires, I am assigning a class to aThread.Data that I am using in
other places. For example:

o The SelectGroup Fires with aGroup = 'MyNewsGroup.Server.Indy'
o aThread.Data := FindGroup( aGroup );

Latter, the same user posts a message

o the Post event fires
o TMyGroup( aThread.Data ).NewsGroupName // should be equal to 'MyNewsGroup.Server.Indy'

Can I use aThread this way?

Best regards,