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Subject: Re: nntp & referenc ids
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004

"Pete Gajria" <pe…> wrote in message

>  when parsing a tidmessage many times the references
> contains multiple id's so whats the best way to parse these
> & which is the correct parent id aka how would you
> determine that ?

The "References" is a list of all the MessageIds that belong to the same
discussion thread branch as the current message.  They are listed
left-to-right from oldest-to-newest, so the most immediate parent of the
current message is the MessageId on the far right of the list.

Have a look at the recent "Adding news messages to a tree" discussion in the
"borland.public.cppbuilder.internet.socket" newsgroup on the
"" server.  It addresses this exact issue.  Let me
know if you are using Delphi instead of C++ and need the sample code



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nntp & referenc ids posted by Pete Gajria on Fri, 30 Jan 2004