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Subject: Re: parsing attachments
Posted by:  Admiral Jake (johnjac76[nospam]
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004

"Pete Gajria" <pete.gajr…> wrote in message
> Hi,
>  whats the best way to parse attachements ?
> like remy, i too am writing a newsreader

Remy is writing a newsreader? That is something I did not know. Interesting.

> i'd like to store the attachments in a db

I've written a newsreader that does this. In doing so I discovered that
while Indy is fine for decoding messages as you download them, it is not so
keen for decoding messages you have already stored. This makes sense, as
Indy is designed as a protocol library, not an all-in-one internet kitchen
sink. So while you can rely on Indy to decode single-message attachments as
it downloads them, you'll need to do your own work to combine and decode
multi-message binaries, or messages you've stored undecoded. This is not as
simple and straightforward as it looks either, because NNTP streams have
fillers and doubled dots, and other niceties you have to account for.

While my newsreader is intended to be commercial, meaning I can't/shouldn't
share the code publicly, let me know if I can be of help in other ways. My
newsreader is now in early beta, so I've been down this road already.

> i have bumped up my indy ver to 9xxx current as suggested by remy in
> an earlier post

I'm using Indy 10 in mine. I find the attachments logic to be vastly
improved in Indy 10, just like almost everything else.


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