My final conclusion?

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Subject: My final conclusion?
Posted by:  Perry Kappetein (someo…
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005

ok,  first thanks to all the people who are patient with me..
I got confused with some things that people were talking about, but that was
Indy9 talk, and I was using Indy 10
so that explains the whole ParseXover story.

So, if I have everything correct...

1.  You have to combine the parts for a file that is spread over 10 Mg's.
and do that by recognizing the Subject line.
2.  There will be only a Arefence if it's a Reply to another Msg.

I still have in mind, and I amgoing through my database
that someone stated that if a file is split up in 10 msg's.  all these
references where in a field in each msg. so you only
need to look for those parts. and combine them together...  that's why my
number 1 question/answer.

This is the part where  someone stated

> I am working on a news program, but after getting all the
> headers how do you determ which part belongs to the
> other i.e.  a picture is in 3 parts  [1/3]  [2/3]  and [3/3]

>Use the References header.  The is the only standard way that messages
>to each other.  Anything beyond that requires parsing of non-standard
>Subject headers.

But References Header is empty only the AExtraData contains information

AReferences will only contain a value if it's a Reply to that msg.,  and NOT
a indication that it belongs to a part [1/3] or [2/3] or [3/3]