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Subject: Re: My final conclusion?
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005

"Perry Kappetein" <someo…> wrote in message

> So, if I have everything correct...
> 1.  You have to combine the parts for a file that is spread over
> 10 Mg's. and do that by recognizing the Subject line.
> 2.  There will be only a Arefence if it's a Reply to another Msg.

That is correct.

> I still have in mind, and I amgoing through my database
> that someone stated that if a file is split up in 10 msg's.
> all these references where in a field in each msg. so you
> only need to look for those parts. and combine them
> together...  that's why my number 1 question/answer.

There are no references to use for joining split message pieces together.

> This is the part where  someone stated

That was me.  And if you read it again, I did tell you to parse the subjects
when the References were not available.

> But References Header is empty only the AExtraData contains information

Given the sample data you showed earlier, the ExtraData is an XREF value,
which does not hep you much in this particular situation.



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