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Subject: Re: Cancelling a post and Authentication
Posted by:  Don (kingfi…
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006

> I have built a NNTP server, but I can't cancel (or delete) a post.
> Usually a user presses the "del" key, and if it's his message, the message
> gets deleted. How can I trap this action?

One the client side, you should send a control message with an NNTP control
header.  You'll have to look that up in the NNTP RFC.  You generally only
allow it if they are the From or Sender for the message.

> One of my groups must be private. I would like to have a per user
> authentication.
> Each user that enters this group will have a Login and password.
> There's an OnAuth event, I played with, but it doesn't fire. I guess my
> server is "eating" this event.

On the client side, it send the Username and Password values anytime is gets
a 450 or 480 response from an NNTP host.  There's no client-side event.

On the server, OnAuth should be fired anytime there's a command handler that
requires it (and that's most of them). See all of the calls to AuthOK in
NNTP Server.

Does your server implement the OnAuth and OnSelectGroup event handlers?  If
you don't have an OnAuth handler, you're telling the server you don't use
session level authentication.  In that case, send back the 450 response code
in OnSelectGroup that indicates authentication is required.

> Could you please provide some ideas. I'm really stuck!



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