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Subject: Re: Cancelling a post and Authentication
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(TeamB\) (
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006

"Clément Doss" <> wrote in message

> Usually a user presses the "del" key, and if it's his message,
> the message gets deleted. How can I trap this action?

There is nothing in the NTTP protocol for that.  When the user "deletes" a
message, the local copy on his machine is deleted, not the copy on the
server.  The only way to delete remote messages is to post a specially
formatted message to a special "control" newsgroup on the server.  Most NNTP
servers do not allow users to delete messages, leaving that ability to
admins only.

> One of my groups must be private. I would like to have a per
> user authentication. Each user that enters this group will have a
> Login and password.

That is easy enough to handle.

> There's an OnAuth event, I played with, but it doesn't fire.

Assuming the user is actually trying to log in, then there are the only two
conditions that would prevent the OnAuth event from firing:

1) The SupportedAuthTypes property is empty, or does not contain the scheme
that the user is actually trying to use.

2) An OnAuthRequired event handler is assigned that is setting the VRequired
parameter to False.




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