Indy10 - D7 - TIdNNTP.Post - Exception

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Subject: Indy10 - D7 - TIdNNTP.Post - Exception
Posted by:  Vikram (vikr…
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006


Windows 2000 (with latest service packs and updates)
Delphi 7
Indy 10

Here is the situation:
I need to retrieve a mail from POP3 (complete, with attachments). This
message, then needs to be posted to a private newsgroup (exactly as

Code snippet:
  AMessage.NoDecode := False;
  APOP3.Retrieve(AIndex, AMessage);
  AMessage.IsEncoded := True;
  ANNTP.Post(AMessage); // <----- Exception occurs at this statement

Two particular exceptions (both similar) I am receiving are:

(625) Article Rejected -- Keyword 'References:' is not followed by a space


(625) Article Rejected -- Keyword 'In-Reply-To:' is not followed by a space

The exceptions occur randomly for a few mails. With Indy 9, the second error
did not occur, but the first one did occur.

I would like to know if there is any workaround or solution, so that I could
post the message without such exceptions. Thanks in advance.