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Subject: Re: Pop3Server - Component not working?
Posted by:  Niki Bugarcici (Neik…
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003

Ok  - I spent quite some time with that issue since I was really curios.
To finish this posting now and forever:

Its NOT the commandhandlers ; I used them again and problem is gone.
When I removed the commandhandlers I also removed some of the code that was
IN the demo
(in the "pop3Server"demo)  - and esp. one line (see "second") that was
causing the problem.

Now it gets even more crazy: Its the stupid welcome-message!
I know that sound totally stupid since POP3-Protocol-spec (RFC1939) is
expliciting having a welcome-message.
I used a packagesniffer to see whats going on.
Problem is that my OE sends the USER-Command directly after the connect.
It does NOT wait for any welcome-message.
That causes the situation that the welcome-message will be sent as response
to the USER-Command
since the OnConnect-Event will be executed first.
My response to USER will be considered as response to PASS - whats pretty
And respsonse to PASS (+OK) will be considered as response to STAT.
And here is the problem - the "real" response to STAT never reached OE since
it would be considered as response to QUIT :(
(Just try it by changing the response to PASS to "+OK x y" like you would do
for STAT).

OE will always get a simple "+OK" to STAT and believes there a no messages.
Thats why It always sends QUIT.

To my knowledge such a thing should NOT happen - but it does.
Thats whats happening here on my XPPro&OE6. Believe it or not - I had a hard
time to believe it :)
Seems like "MS did it again".

But removing the Welcome-message will perhaps not work for all clients.
I dont know If other clients are requiring a welcome-message or not....
Not to think about how to check if its required or not :(


Niki Bugarcici

"Niki Bugarcici" <Neik…> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hi,
> I am trying to code a POP3-Server running with Indy9.0.14
> But the IdPOP3Server seems to be useless since eg. "Outlook Express" will
> close connection
> directly after the STAT-command.
> The Event OnList wil not even be called - even if I reply to STAT
> with eg "+OK 1 1000".
> Anyone got any idea of how to fix that?
> Or does anyone have a running Pop3-Server code with Indy9???
> Thx in advance.
> BTW:
> The Demo "Pop3Server" is more confusing than any good since events like
> "IdPOP3Server1CommandUSER" will never be called :(
> --
> Niki


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