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Subject: Re: i don't understand a POP3Server Demo
Posted by:  Andrew Neillans (an…
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003

"Marcello Scala" <…> wrote in message…
> Hi All.
> I don't understand the functinally of the POP3Server Demo.
> 1. Who call this functions:
>    procedure IdPOP3Server1CommandUSER(AThread: TIdPeerThread; AUserName:
> String);
>    procedure IdPOP3Server1CommandPASS(AThread: TIdPeerThread; APassword:
> String);
>    procedure IdPOP3Server1CommandSTAT(AThread: TIdPeerThread);
>    procedure IdPOP3Server1CommandLIST(AThread: TIdPeerThread;
> Integer);
>    procedure IdPOP3Server1CommandRETR(AThread: TIdPeerThread AMessageNum:
> Integer);
>    procedure IdPOP3Server1CommandDELE(AThread: TIdPeerThread;
> Integer);
>    procedure IdPOP3Server1CommandQUIT(AThread: TIdPeerThread);
>    And why tthe source of this procedure is not write into the correct
> Event?
> 2. Where can i set a default value for USER and PASS?
> Thanks to all and sorry for my english

The packaged POP3 Demo is a bit of a mess at the minute - a revised copy has
been sent to the Demo Team Co-Ordinator for inclusion in the next demos

For now you can grab it

Should be a little bit easier to understand :)

The CheckUser event is where you check the username / password; the comments
in the above download should help.



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i don't understand a POP3Server Demo posted by Marcello Scala on Sat, 12 Jul 2003