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Subject: Re: TidPOP3Server logging
Posted by:  Andrew Neillans (an…
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003

"Marcello Scala" <…> wrote in message…
> How can i log in/out data or events with POP3Server?
> I must use TidLogDebug?
> PS: With POP3Server and TidLogDebug on the form, the POP3Server Intercept
> parameter on the Object Repository, is Blank.
> Thanks

This was an oversight in Indy 9, which I believe is now solved in Indy 10.

At the minute, there are two ways of logging the data.
1. Use a unique id for each connection, and manually log everything that

2. Create a small program (or find one), that allows you to redirect some
through it, to another service.
E.g. set email client to use port 9110, route it through the little app to
the real port (110).


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