Re: what cause this error ,urgent please.

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Subject: Re: what cause this error ,urgent please.
Posted by:  Markku Uttula (markku.uttu…
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003

PP wrote:
> I´m receiving the follow error:
> "Socket Error # 10053 Software caused conection abort."

Many things cause this. With Indy, the most prominent reason is that
you have a self-developed client or server and you're having a
connection with somebody else's server or client and you haven't made
your protocol implementation 100% solid. POP3 has loads of examples;
returning a multi-line response without a dot on the last response
line (or two dots after one another). Something like this is very
possibly going on in here, check your protocol implementation first,
if that doesn't work, get back here with examples of code or
transkripts of a session and we can possibly help you further.

Markku Uttula



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