Parsing Message data

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Subject: Parsing Message data
Posted by:  Derrick (derri…
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003

I am new to the Pop3, SMTP arena, and am trying to make sense of what I must
do to read emails that are retrieved through the Pop3 client.  I have read
through nearly all the postings and haven't found what I am looking for
(which means I may be asking a stupid question :) ).

I am using the demo provided by Indy as a basis to code from, to retrieve
emails from a Pop3 server.  The message is loaded into the TIdMessage.
After this, I would like to know how to determine the type of message (i.e.
text, HTML, etc) and then determine how to read those messages inside a
Delphi component (i.e. TBrowser, Tmemo, etc).

Is there an example somewhere of how to determine the message type, and then
how to load the appropriate "parts" of the message to read the email in the
appropriate component in Delphi?  We want to build a page in the application
that does what Outlook Express does, with some modifications.

Thanks for your help,