How to catch IdPOP3/Winsock Exceptions?

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Subject: How to catch IdPOP3/Winsock Exceptions?
Posted by:  xCarl (car…
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003

I am sorry if I sounded silly, but in my env. I am having exceptions raised
frequently like, Socket Error 10060, 10010, 11004, Timeout, etc. I know they
are internet connectivity related, but it would be nice if I can write few
lines of simple codes to have the situation contained, like maybe instead of
an exception dialoue box, replace that with a timer loop and show in the
status bar "> Exception raised, will try again in x minutes...".

I have checked on the Indy8 IdPOP3 event handlers but there isn't any
"onTimeout", "onConnectionFailure", etc. Me using C Builder 4. Any kind
individual can provide some assistance?

Thanks a lot..... :-)