Re: Writing IdPOP3 thread (in BCB 4 and Indy 9)

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Subject: Re: Writing IdPOP3 thread (in BCB 4 and Indy 9)
Posted by:  Dmitry Mikhilov (d…
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003

Several hundreds users of my business software intensively use both POP3 and
SMTP of Indy 9.0.11 entirely in threads - works perfectly (sending and
retrieving headers/messages goes concurrently with connections to several
POP/SMTP servers at once). Many thousands email messages are processed every
day without any problems. Even here in Russia on generally slow unreliable
connections. Without threads it would be simply impossible.


"xCarl" <car…> wrote:
> Me getting adventurous again... this time with thread. Without in-depth
> knowledge and history, I cut and paste a single thread example from the
> "C++ Builder, How to.." and execute in BCB 4. It works fine.
> Then I thought things would be the same, I cut and paste my POP3 mail
> retrieval portion of the code and paste into the "execute" section of my
> thread. Unfortunately problem found, none of the IdPOP3->functions work.
> IdPOP3->Connect(); // Can't work inside the thread :-(
> IdPOP3->CheckMessages(); // Can't work inside the thread  :-(
> Form1->IdPOP3->Connect(); // Can't work inside the thread  :-(
> Form1->IdPOP3->CheckMessages(); // Can't work inside the thread  :-(
> Sigh..... anyone can advise? I didn't use Indy thread component because
> there is no C++ thread codes for my to start with. I normally cut and
> from somewhere and work from there.... :pp
> If there is existing related source which I am still not aware of, please,
> let me know so that I can work from there.
> Thanks! :>



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