Re: mailclient demo using 9.0.14

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Subject: Re: mailclient demo using 9.0.14
Posted by:  Alain (a.mara…
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003

I used with D6, without Pb.
Do you uninstall (Delphi Installation wizard) the Indy delivered with D5 and
after use fulld5.bat, component/install dcl....bpl see ManualInstall.txt.

Kind regards,

"Tom Livingstone" <tdlivin…> a écrit dans le message de news:
> I added Msg.SaveToFile in the RetrieveExecute procedure of the mailclient
> demo
> in order to look at the raw mime message in an earlier version of Indy 9
> it
> worked fine. I upgraded to 9.0.14 and now I get an access violation in the
> Msg.SaveToFile method.
>  The lines with //Added were inserted to save the rawmessage text and
> what
>  was being decoded for the Body.
>    ShowStatus(stTemp);
>    Msg.SaveToFile('RawMsgtxt.txt',False);  //Added
>    Memo1.Lines.Add('--------------BODY-------------'); //Added
>    Memo1.Lines.AddStrings(Msg.Body); //Added
>    Showbusy(false);
> Single stepping with the debugger it throws the access violation in
> TidMessage.SaveToFile as shown
>  vStream := TFileStream.create(AFileName, fmCreate);
>  try
>    SaveToStream(vStream, AHeadersOnly);
>  finally
>    vStream.Free;  <<-- Access Violation when executed.
>  end;
> I am using Delphi 5 and I deleted all the dcu files in the D5 folder and
> files from the /source folder and removed
> the indy components from the pallette before installing the new version.
> Tom



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