Email Body problems in idPop3 and idMessage

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Subject: Email Body problems in idPop3 and idMessage
Posted by:  J. R. (
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003

I have a problem with receiving some emails.  We receive emails from a
company that appears to use Indy 9.0.11 to build the messages.  The message
is supposed to be a multi-part message with a body and an attachment.  When
parsing the idMessage1.MessageParts.Items[I]).Body there is no body.  The
body appears in the IdMessage.Body section.  The problem comes when using
the SaveToStream function to save the message.  The Body is not saved
because the TIdMessage thinks the message is a multi-part message and only
saves the MessageParts of the idMessage and not the Body.  I think this is a
bug in the way Indy is building the message in the first place.  However it
is also a problem that the SaveToStream does not include the Body in a
multi-part message.  If you need further information please let me know and
I can include some code that demonstrates the problem.