Re: MIME Encoding error with IdMessage.SaveToFile

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Subject: Re: MIME Encoding error with IdMessage.SaveToFile
Posted by:  Mike Simons (msimo…
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004

Any word or confirmation on this?

"Mike Simons" <michael_simo…> wrote in message
> Using the MessageSaveLoad demo, (that comes with Indy for D7) I
> a few problems with trying to load and save a message to a file.
> Using the attached emails, it is possible to recreate my problems using
> current development snapshot for Indy 9.
> Problem 1:
> When loading the "before" e-mail, the Body is blank after reading.  This
> appears to be due to the fact that this email (generated using Outlook
> contains no MIME boundary for the message containing only simple text.  I
> found a "solution" to the problem in a post to your SMTP newsgroup by
> Pietsch from August 4, 2003 which suggests commenting out the line "if
> MIMEBoundary <> "" then begin" in IdMessageDecodeMIME but that's probably
> not the best solution to the problem.
> Problem 2:
> When saving the message back to a file after making the above change, the
> included "after" email is produced.  The problem being the header
> information still includes "Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64" but the
> message body has been saved as plain text.  This produces jibberish when
> attempting to reload the file.
> Any ideas?


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