IdPop3 Exception "Unrecognized Header"

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Subject: IdPop3 Exception "Unrecognized Header"
Posted by:  Robert Lenz (ro…
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004


we have devevloped an application that checks several POP3 accounts and
retrieves mails that have not yet been fetched. In conjunction with an qmail
mail server we discovered the following problem:

- First of all we get a list of all messages available on the server (this
works fine)
- For every mail on the server we perform a check if his mail has already
been downloaded (works fine too)
- While trying to retrieve the first mail IdPop3 throws an exception
"Unrecognized header" (here ist the problem)

After this exception has been thrown it seems as if the component runs into
an inconsistent state because no more mail is downloaded properly. While
debugging i noticed that in method "GetInternalResponse" it seems that no
defined server (Ok+, ERR-,...) response is delivered but that parts of the
message body (or headers?) are parsed.

Has anybody got an idea, how to fix this problem?

We are using Delphi 5 and Indy 9.00.14