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Subject: Indy 9 fix
Posted by:  Rhys Sage (abu…@
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004

I'm getting some curious behaviour from the snapshot of Indy 9.

I removed Indy 9.0.14 and installed the snapshop. I compiled my program and
it read quoted printable text messages. The next time I compiled, it failed
to do so and it has failed to do so ever since. This is very strange.

I've had a quick look at the source code but I'm not sure which unit would
handle quoted printable text etc. At a guess I'd say it's either the
IdMessage or POP3. I've had a quick glance at the two and can't see where it
might be handled. If I could find it then I'd make a patch and post it on my

Are quoted printable inline text emails a new thing?



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