Re: Exception: " is not a valid integer value.

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Subject: Re: Exception: " is not a valid integer value.
Posted by:  Gerrit Hulleman (hullem…
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004

Do not know if this helps, but I had the same error trying to telnet test my
pop3 server. Tried to call RETR without a number behind it. Assuming the
same 'problem' exists in other pop3 commands that require a following number

Depending on how it logs, it may send a DELE first than logs it sended a
DELE or parses a DELE command first, than logs it. Perhaps worth looking


"Thomas Zangl" <usen…> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I posted some time ago, that I´ve problems with the TIdPOP3 component.
> I use Courier POP3 daemon running on a Gentoo Linux box and I get " " is
> not a valid integer value." (only sometimes).
> Here is a snippet of what I can see in the connection log:
> ....
> Sent 19.03.2004 15:03:53: STAT
> Recv 19.03.2004 15:03:53: +OK 133 764684
> Sent 19.03.2004 15:03:57: RETR 126
> Recv 19.03.2004 15:03:57: +OK 3059 octets follow.
> Return-Path: <anc…>
> ... rest of the mail ...
> --
> Thomas


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