Re: IdPOP3 doesn´t delete mails correctly?

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Subject: Re: IdPOP3 doesn´t delete mails correctly?
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004

"Thomas Zangl" <usen…> wrote in message

> It seems not ALL messages are correctly delete. My app does
> issue a "delete" after it receives the raw mail but after some time
> I´ve got hundreds of mails still on my server (instead of having
> them deleted).

Messages are not physically deleted from the server until the POP3 client
issues a QUIT command and closes the connection.  That is by design in the
POP3 protocol itself.  POP3 is transactional in nature.  Indy is not doing
anything special to delete the messsages, it simply issues a DELE command as
outlined in RFC 1939.  It is the server's responsibility to mark the
messages so that when the transaction is ended and the connection closed, it
can then go back and physically delete all of the marked messages.



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IdPOP3 doesn´t delete mails correctly? posted by Thomas Zangl on Sun, 21 Mar 2004