Problems decoding multipart/related mails

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Subject: Problems decoding multipart/related mails
Posted by:  Fran (fsegov…
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004


I have problems when I retrieve a mail with multipart/related content. I
retrieve de mail (attached as raw.txt) from the mail server. When the mail
is decoded by the TIdMessage class, the MessageParts.Count is 4 when the
correct value must be 3 (text/plain, text/html, image/gif). Also if I save
the message with TIdMessage.SaveToFile I get the attached file decode.txt,
if you open the file you can view that the MIME format of the mail is not
correct, there are an additional boundary not processed

It's a bug? there are any solution?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english :-(