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Subject: Re: indy 9.00.14 / maildemo.dpr
Posted by:  Mike Simaska (
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004



Mike Simaska wrote:
> I am trying to learn to use Indy to automatically download and process
> attachments from a POP3 mail box.  I am playing with the maildemo
> project just to try to learn the ropes.  After dbl-clicking a msg
> header in the the msg list box to download the message, the
> attachment names seem to appear ok in the Attachment listbox.  When
> clicking on the attachment (just to see what happens) the file name
> appears in a separate showmessage dialog. However when the attachment
> is larger (>50k or so) the demo throws an exception (which appears to
> me that to indicate that it can't process the filename).
> Is this a bug in Indy or just a incomplete demo code?
> How do I get at the attachments listed in the demo?  It appears the
> download email is sent the msg component.  The message component has
> a MessageParts property containing either  TIdText or TIdAttachments.
> Do I just walk down this collection and use the SaveToFile method
> (with the FileName property) on any messagepart that is a
> IIdAttachment?
> ----
> mike
> (from MadExcept...)
> operating system  : Windows XP Service Pack 1
> free disk space  : 32,62 GB
> executable        : MailDemo.exe
> exec. date/time  : 2004-04-27 23:17
> exception class  : EAccessViolation
> exception message : Access violation at address 77F5A912 in module
> 'ntdll.dll'. Read of address 008CAD8C.
> main thread ($C98):
> $77F5A90E ntdll.dll                RtlMultiByteToUnicodeN
> $77D4492D user32.dll                MBToWCSEx
> $77D657D5 user32.dll                DrawTextExA
> $77D6579A user32.dll                DrawTextA
> $00444BA4 MailDemo.exe Dialogs      CreateMessageDialog
> $00444FB0 MailDemo.exe Dialogs      MessageDlgPosHelp
> $00444F8A MailDemo.exe Dialogs      MessageDlgPos
> $00445061 MailDemo.exe Dialogs      ShowMessagePos
> $0044504E MailDemo.exe Dialogs      ShowMessage
> $004B1F01 MailDemo.exe Main    433 TfrmMain.lvMessagePartsClick
> $00475624 MailDemo.exe Controls    TControl.Click


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