Re: TIdPOP3Server download with Ourlook 2002/XP

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Subject: Re: TIdPOP3Server download with Ourlook 2002/XP
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004

"Pierre Roux" <pier…> wrote in message

> I'm using events linked to Command Handlers set
> up in the TIdPOP3Server component.

You shouldn't really be messing with the CommandHandlers directly.  They are
already set up internally for use with the POP3 protocol.  If you are
assigning your own event handlers to the individual CommandHandler instances
themselves then you will be bypassing the event handlers that TIdPOP3Server
already sets up internally.  Instead, you should be using the events that
TIdPOP3Server itself exposes, if you are not already.

> procedure TsrvMailServer.POP3ServerchSTATCommand(ASender: TIdCommand);

The naming and parameters of that event handler suggest that you assigned an
event handler to the OnCommand event of the STAT CommandHandler itself.  Is
that true?  If so, you should have used the OnCommandSTAT event of the
TIdPOP3Server itself instead.

> [2004/05/10 01:36:18 AM] POP3 STAT    <-- at this Point Outlook
> just sits and does nothing.  No new mail or changes in the mailbox.

Some versions of Outlook have known bugs in how they handle POP3
connections.  Believe it or not, the solution is simply to slow down the
execution of your own code.  Put a few Sleep() calls in your event handlers
to make them wait a couple of seconds before replying.  Newer versions of
Outlook fixed the problem, but there are still plenty of effected versions
still floating around online.



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