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Subject: Re: Erratic MessagePart ContentType
Posted by:  Andrew Lockwood (andrew.lockwo…
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004

I have been investigating further, and the problem seems to arise when the
IsMsgSinglePartMime value is true, when in fact, it is not a SinglePartMimie

I have tried to work out how the value is set, and I have even tried setting
it to false at the start of the TIdPOP3.Retrieve procedure but this doesn't
seem to have any effect - when I debug the code, the value is still true
even immediately after I have set it to false!!

Andrew Lockwood

"Andrew Lockwood" <andrew.lockwo…> wrote in message
> I am experiencing a bizarre problem at present with a few emails.
> the ContentType of the TIDText message part is returned correctly and
> times, it is returned as the ContentType of the whole message.
> I am talking about the same message in each case.  So if I download it
> the ContentType of the TIDText message part may be returned as
> multipart/alternative for example, but if I download the same message
> the ContentType of the TIDText message part is returned as text/html.
> This seems to be completely illogical and therefore impossible, but the
> is that it is happening - I spent quite a while yesterday afternoon
> with two particular messages and it happened time and time again.


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