Connection Closed Gracefully

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Subject: Connection Closed Gracefully
Posted by:  James Crosswell (jam…
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004

I know, I know... check the faqs. I did, and checked every message group and
searched google. The FAQs basically just say this is a normal exception on
the server and say it isn't normal on the client. But I'm getting this
message on the client (a TIdPop3 client) when I call the connect method. I
didn't find any mention of what might cause such an error message on the
client, or what to do about it, in any of the FAQs or anywhere on Google, so
I'm risking being publicly flogged and whipped and all the rest by asking
the question here.

Anyone know why I'd get this message ON THE CLIENT when calling the
TIdPop3.Connect method?


Best Regards,

James Crosswell
Software Engineer Limited