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Subject: Re: Connection Closed Gracefully
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004

"James Crosswell" <jam…> wrote in message

> I know, I know... check the faqs. I did, and checked every
> message group and searched google. The FAQs basically
> just say this is a normal exception on the server and say it
> isn't normal on the client.

Then you probably did not read everything available:

    Connection Closed Gracefully

    "EIdConnClosedGracefully is an exception signaling that the connection
has been closed by the other side intentionally. This is not the same as a
broken connection which would cause a connection reset error. If the other
side has closed the connection and the socket is read or written to,
EIdConnClosedGracefully will be raised by Indy. This is similar to
attempting to read or write to a file that has been closed without your

    "When EIdConnClosedGracefully is raised in a client, it is an error and
you should trap and handle this exception."

> Anyone know why I'd get this message ON THE CLIENT
> when calling the TIdPop3.Connect method?

The server probably closed the connection immediately after accepting it.
TIdPOP3.Connect() performs several reads and writes on the connection in
order to negotiate the login into the server.  If the server closes the
connection immediately, one of those operations is going to throw the



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