AUTH -> unknown command in TIdPOP3Server

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Subject: AUTH -> unknown command in TIdPOP3Server
Posted by:  Christian Tiberg (ctibe…
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004


Now I'm confused... When I try logging into the POP3 server with Outlook's
'secure password authentication' (or something like that, my Outlook is in
Swedish), it sends an AUTH command. This triggers a reply 'Unknown command'
from the POP3 server.

I can't simply tell users not to logon using this setting, so I need to
resolve this situation. Does anyone know how to fix it?

If this requires me to write code for the OnAPOP event (I *think* that it
will), could you please explain what the various paramters are for, and what
I'm supposed to do in this event?

Please be as specific as you can, this is fairly new to me (perhaps you can
tell) :)

Best regards,
  Christian Tiberg, CommSoft