utf8 coding in message headers?

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Subject: utf8 coding in message headers?
Posted by:  Kovary Adam (koad…@freemail.hu)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004

Hi All.

I am using TIdPop3 and TIdMessage. Some messages I got has
subject, sender name  and other fields encodeded with utf8.
I try to use DecodeHeader() fucntion, but it does not works.
Today I  upgraded to indy10, but the results are the same.

For example, the sender name looks like in my tidmessage:
Sölétormos Csaba

How could i turn it into a readable form?
Should I use some of the TIdDecoders, or what?
I am sure that indy can handle this somehow...
Thanks in advance for your answer.