Indy10: TIdPOP3Server and large messages

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Subject: Indy10: TIdPOP3Server and large messages
Posted by:  Christian Tiberg (ctibe…
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004


We've got problems with getting large mails from TIdPOP3Server into Outlook.
It just trundles for a while, and then gets a 'Time out'. The mail in
question is 10Mb+.

In the POP3RETR method we do the following:

MsgS := TMessageStream.Create(pth + UIDL + '.msg', fmOpenRead);

The TMessageStream is a simple class, that just omits the ending line with a
period added by the Message.SaveToFile method.

Does anyone have an idea for solving this?

Best regards,
  Christian Tiberg, CommSoft