Anti-virus VS Service application

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Subject: Anti-virus VS Service application
Posted by:  G. Plante (gplan…
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004


I made a Windows "Service" that automatically retrieve e-mails every 2
minutes (Using TIDPOP3). When Indy retrieve e-mails, sometime Indy create
temporary files. When the e-mail (temporary file) contains a virus, Norton
Anti-virus is automatically displayed on screen then the "Service" stop
until somebody click on the Norton button.

Is there a way to configure Indy so that no temp file be created or a way
that Norton anti-virus will not popup when the e-mails are retrieved by a
"Service" application ? (Note that when I logoff and the service continue to
retrieve e-mails, Norton don't display anything and e-mails are all
automatically retrieved).

Thanks for any help.

G. Plante