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Subject: Re: Problem with attachments
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005

"Paul Exler" <p.exl…> wrote in message

> Here is this mail (important is the Content-Transfer-Encoding, I think):

The message you showed contains multiple parts, each with their own
localized encoding, and then the entire message is encoded again as a whole.
Indy does not support encoding/decoding multi-part messages as a whole, only
encoding/decoding the individual parts.  You will have to decode the message
data manually before Indy can then decode the rest.

> And here is a Mail which is working:

You will notice that it does not encode the entire message like the other
one did.

> Is this a bug or have I wrong settings?

Neither.  It is a missing feature in Indy.  It is a known issue to Indy's
developers, it has not been implemented yet.

> What must I do, so that the Attachment of the first Mail will be detected?

If the entire message is encoded, as per the top level headers, then you
will have to decode the entire message manually and then pass the decoded
data back to Indy for normal handling.



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