Pop3 demo?

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Subject: Pop3 demo?
Posted by:  john vd waeter (jo…@jvdw.nl)
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005

Hi all,

I wanted to experiment pop3.

I Have a computer Win98SE, D7, Indy 9. The pop3 demo with Indy 9 worked ok.

I deleted Indy 9 via the D7 installationdisk, searched and deleted other
remains of Indy and installed Indy 10.0.76. All no problem, so far.

I downloaded the pop3-tool demo for Indy 10.
Compile and run, ok.

Then I send a message using Thunderbird to the test-mailbox, plain text,
with 2 little bmp-files attached.

Pop3-tool says I have a message. OK. Pressed Get to see the message. The
Messagetab says: multi-part message in Mimeformat. Not the message-body.
And it says attachments: 0.
Press GetHeader. Now the messageheader appears on the messagetab, the
headertab flashes but remains empty. If I Get Raw the messages, both
attachments are visible, base64.

I send the same message, now using Outlook Express. Same result. I sent
the same message using Indy smtp-component. same result: attachments: 0.

Both Outlook and Thunderbird receive the message correctly.

I can only think of two scenarios: something's wrong with the pop3-tool
demo OR there must be some leftovers from Indy9 screwing up indy10....

Any ideas?