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Subject: Re: smtp memory leak
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005

"Cyril VELTER" <cyril.velt…> wrote in message

> There is a small memory leak in TIdReplySMTP.Create

You posting an SMTP issue in a POP3 newsgroup.

> this function allocate FEnhancedCode which is already allocated
> by the inherited call

No, it is not.  FEnhancedCode is a member of TIdReplySMTP, the inherited
constructor cannot possible allocate FEnhancedCode because it has no concept
that it even exists.

> which in turn call TIdReplySMTP.Create(ACollection :
> TCollection) where the first allocation take place).

TIdReplySMTP.Create(TCollection, TIdReplies) does not call
TIdReplySMTP.Create(TCollection).  Please make sure that you are using the
latest development snapshot, this issue was already fixed 5 months ago.

> FEnhancedCode := TIdSmtpEnhancedCode.Create should be removed from
> TIdReplySMTP.Create(ACollection : TCollection;AReplyTexts : TIdReplies).

No, it shouldn't.



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