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Subject: Re: TIdMessage.Body is NULL
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005

"eduardo" <eduardo.ju…> wrote in message

>                if (IdMensaje->Body->Text != "")
>                    stMensaje= IdMensaje->Body->Text;

That is not the proper way to handle the Body.  You should be checking the
MessageParts->Count before even touching the Body, not afterwards, ie:

    if( IdMensaje->MessageParts->Count > 0 )
        for(int p = IdMensaje->MessageParts->Count-1; p >= 0; --p)
            TIdText *txt = dynamic_cast <TIdText
            if( (txt) && (txt->ContentType == "A Format You Know How To
Process" ) )
                stMensaje = txt->Body->Text;
        stMensaje = IdMensaje->Body->Text;

> IdMensaje->MessageParts->Count is 0 because the is a text/plain, I think.

What is the actual value of the TIdMessage::ContentType property?  It is
unlikely (but not impossible) that both TIdMessage::MessageParts::Count and
TIdMessage::Body::Count would both be 0, unless the message really is empty
to begin with.  What does the raw message data actually look like?



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