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Subject: Re: Recognize undeliverable e-mail messages
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006

"Fred" <> wrote in message

> I query my inbox with a TIdPOP3 component. I need to know
> if a specific e-mail is such an error message. I tried to analyze
> subject and body text, but every mail server seems to use another
> text / format to generate that mails.

Exactly true.  There is no standard for the contents of such fields.

> Is there a property in TIdMessage that indicates that?


> Is there a RFC which defines the format of a "undeliverable error"
> e-mail message?

Although RFC 821, section 3.6 of the SMTP protocol defines how such error
messages are to be delivered, detecting such notifications are handled at
the SMTP level, not the message level.  The only thing potentially available
in the actual message data is that the sender of the message will be an SMTP
server itself, not a user of the server.



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