OnAfterAuth Event for TIdPOP3Server

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Subject: OnAfterAuth Event for TIdPOP3Server
Posted by:  Christian Danner (-…@---.---)
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006


(Indy 10 current devel snapshot)

With TidNNTPServer resp. TIdSMTPServer there exists only one
authentication method, which results in OnAuth and OnUserLogin.
Moreover the result of the authentication process has to be defined at
the end of those procedures.

That's totally different with the TIdPOP3Server. On the one hand there
are 2 authentication mechanisms, USER / PASS represented by the
OnCheckUser event and APOP with OnAPOP. Besides that within OnAPOP the
outcome of the check isn't known yet, as the hash calculation and
comparison takes place afterwards.

So for taking special action (only) when entering transaction state
after a successful authentication IMHO an OnAfterAuth event called

    LThread.fAuthenticated := true;

in CommandAPOP and CommandPass is urgently needed. Or is there a
solution I didn't realize?


Christian Danner @ ImhoTec

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