TIdMessage.SaveToStream and attachments

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Subject: TIdMessage.SaveToStream and attachments
Posted by:  AurĂ©lien_Dellieux
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006


i am using Indy 10.0.52 and am having troubles using the
TIdMessage.SaveToStream method.

it seems to modify the attachments.
i use Outlook Express and make a html email, with a html signature
(including a company logo).
i add an attachment to the mail and send it.

with a dll i wrote, i perfectly connect to the pop3 server, get the
message count, retrieve the message, subject, from, etc...

at this point i store the attachments using a procedure that enumerate
the attached files to only take the real attached files.

all is ok.

but if i do a message.savetostream before storing the attached files,
then i get wrong attachments (particularly the signature logo, which is
only linked to the html body).

if i set NoEncode to True, then everything is ok, but the .eml file
does not contain the encoded mime files anymore...

any idea ?

if this is a bug, has it been corrected in the dev. snapshot ?

thanks for any help

Aurélien Dellieux

site perso : http://dellieuxa.perso.orange.fr
site boulot :http://www.corwin.fr