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Subject: Re: TIdMappedPop3
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(TeamB\) (
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006

"Lukas Premm" <luk…> wrote in message

> What is the difference between TIdMappedPop3 and TIdMappedPortTCP?

TIdMappedPop3 is specifically designed for forwarding POP3 traffic only,
whereas TIdMappedPortTCP is for TCP/IP in general.

> I want to get the subject and the from-address from an email-stream that
> is forwarded by TIdMappedPop3.

TIdMappedPop3 is not designed for that.  You would have to manually parse
all of the raw data that passes through it.  TIdMappedPop3 is a very simple
passthrough, nothing else.  For what you are asking, I suggest that you use
TIdPOP3Server and TIdPOP3 instead to implement your own forwarding system.
The client will connect to TIdPOP3Server, where you can then get all of the
message details, and then forward the data to the desired server afterwards.

> Casting to TIdMappedPortContext only gives me NetData for information
> and there is no subject or anything other useful thing to see

The NetData property contains the raw data.  That is what you will have to
parse manually if you continue to use TIdMappedPop3.  TIdMappedPop3 does not
parse any of the data for you at all.  It is not meant to.



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